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Farhan Yousafzai

Farhan Yousafzai’s failures in almost two years!

Despite having a business background, ACB’s Chairman Farhan Yousafzai couldn’t find a long-term sponsorship while having test membership with ICC.

Kit sponsor Indian company TYKA has canceled its contract almost nine months ago and it is not clear yet whether the national teams’ Kitts sponsorship will be available for the national team during the next week of the UAE camp & failed to arrange any new fixture out of the FTP for Afghanistan.

He rescinded a long-term APL deal with Indian company Snixers in two blatant breaches of the agreement, and despite various claims and allegations on fired ACB ex-officials, the case is still controversial and has not been re-launched despite passing two years under his leadership & the culprit has not been brought to justice as no APL is annually cost Afghan cricket and its players more than $ 2 million which led reducing its international credibility to zero.

Under the leadership of this gentleman, who himself has no knowledge of cricket, in addition to one player Mohammad Nabi who conflicted with the law as well, all other members were appointed with friendly and governmental intervention by him, who will now make laws and policies for cricket.

He has hired employees of his private company and other intermediaries in most of the top and middle-level positions in ACB with nothing cricket knowledge & HR process which reduced the working capacity of the organization to zero.

Afghanistan used to host the Million Cup, Peace League, Ramadan Trophy, Orange Cup, and many more private domestic cricket tournaments but with his arrival, domestic cricket has come to a standstill and the quality of official domestic cricket has plummeted. There is no question from the heads of the departments and arbitrariness has reached its peak.

The most interesting and dangerous thing is that he goes to ACB twice a year & mostly conducts affairs from his home, private company, or even online from abroad and does not accept the words, advice, and criticism of any administrative or technical staff & usually does what he wants.

Under his leadership, for the second time in a row, the biggest 50-over Ghazi Amanullah Khan List A tournament was not televised despite being funded by ICC.

During his two-year tenure, Afghan Umpires missed workshops in Ireland and Malaysia and were not sent to any Asian country for other technical education.

During his two-year tenure, he couldn’t find land for an international cricket ground in Kabul & Afghanistan is facing a lack of standard grounds, academies, swimming pools, indoor academies & High-performance centers.

Under his leadership, neither he nor his former CEO, Lutfullah Stanikzai, nor Mr. Jaar Abdul Rahimzai who was the acting CEO for up to four montsh been able to speak directly, at least in terms of improving relations with Asian countries, which has missed many opportunities for Afghanistan Cricket.

Due to Farhan Yousafzai’s failed leadership and negligence, the same former CEO Mr.Stanekzai, cheated the chairman for a year as he keep it secret that facing a ban while his entry to Dubai.

Afghanistan Cricket Board

Under his failed leadership, Abdullah Barakzai, the vice-chairman of the cricket board, and his wife, as well as some staff and players, obtained Europe and American visas and shifted for asylum there which also cost the Afghan cricket board dearly which will cost ACB and its staff a problem while applying for necessary visas.

There are many other reasons for his failure to continue his duty, as well as the silence of the cricket board staff, especially the technical staff, and their association with him, which is holding Afghanistan back from the rest of the world. And it pushes ACB to the brink of ruin, and if left unchecked, it will take years to repair this reputable organization and sport in Afghanistan.

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